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Study Theatre Abroad and Earn Course Credit!

Updated: Apr 11

Are you searching for opportunities to go abroad whilst earning course credit and studying what you love? ‘Destination Theatre’ might just be what you’re looking for!

The course will run during Winter 2024 and is counted as a 0.5 course. Students will spend half of their contact hours (1/2 of a 1/2 course) in class at Western and the other half – approximately two weeks – in London, England from June 16th to June 29th 2024.

While in London, students will attend 8-12 live performances alongside daily lectures, workshops, tours of theatres, and seminars hosted by artists and scholars from the University of London, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

The best part: no theatre experience is required and students graduating in 2024 can take this course and still graduate in June! In fact, students are encouraged to bring their home discipline’s research and ideas to class to help shape their experience of the theatre they will see.

Here’s a few more details on the course code, funding, accommodations, application process and other details:

Course Code: Theatre Studies 3900G

Accommodation: Queen Mary University student residence accommodation

Fees: As this is a regular winter term offering there is no additional tuition fee. The cost for Destination Theatre’s study-abroad component is approximately $2500 (subject to change). This fee includes B&B accommodation at Queen Mary University, most theatre tickets, tube travel (zones 1-2), and insurance. Students must book their flights to London independently (cost borne by the student).

Funding: Western offers two competitive bursaries, each worth $1000, to offset student expenses. Students can hold both the Global Opportunities Award and the International Learning Award simultaneously. Application dates: Feb 15, 2023; Nov 15, 2023; Feb 15, 2024.

Application process: You must first submit an application through Western International. Once you receive an email confirming that your application has been accepted, you must register for Theatre 3900G through Student Central.

Prerequisites: At least 60% in 1.0 of any 1000-level or above “E” or combination of two 1000- level or above “F/G” courses from any department in the following Faculties: Arts and Humanities, School of Humanities (Brescia), Information and Media Studies (FIMS), or Music; or from any of the following additional Departments: Anthropology, English (King’s), English and Cultural Studies (Huron), History (Main and Affiliates), Philosophy (Affiliates), Political Science (Main and Affiliates), the Religious Studies (Affiliates), or permission of the Department.

This is a great opportunity to explore your interests in an international setting. I highly encourage students who are interested in theatre to apply. We usually don’t get opportunities like this, but this is exactly what the undergrad years are for: to explore and take advantage of resources that are available to you!

For more information, you can check out the link here or contact Dr. M. J. Kidnie (Director of Theatre Studies) at

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